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Mednavigator® is a registered European trademark for different services in the areas of medicine and healthcare.

Under the name of Mednavigator® Almut Malone offers services for clinical trials of drugs and medical devices in patients with the focus on monitoring, project management, and study drug logistics. Since 1991 studies are managed from the locations Munich and Berlin mainly in Germany, Austria and the UK.

Almut Malone is a member of Euronet-CTTF® (Clinical Trial Task Force), a network of freelance monitors and project managers with long term specific experience.


Medicalis® is a registered German trademark for "communications, in particular informational services in the areas of medicine and healthcare" (class 38) and "publication of books, periodicals and newspapers, in particular in the field of medicine and healthcare" (class 41). Medicalis® offers informational services and publications in the area of healthcare.